Tax Crime Defense

If you have been accused of a tax crime, a lawyer is a necessity. You must get an attorney experienced in tax crime defense as soon as possible to defend your rights. Do not let the IRS or other government agencies intimidate you.

The Kansas City tax crimes lawyers of the Law Offices of McQuain, DeHardt & Rosenbloom, P.C. have spent decades defending people accused of tax crimes. Our lawyers fight hard in these cases, and because of our extensive knowledge of both the tax codes and criminal procedure, we have trusted experience defending clients against the government. We use out experience and knowledge to aggressively defend people and companies in a number of criminal tax proceedings, including:

  • tax evasion (a.k.a. evading the payment of tax)
  • failure to file taxes (a.k.a. wilful failure to pay taxes)
  • criminal tax
  • subscribing to a false tax return
  • delinquent tax returns: filing a return but not paying anything
  • underpaying taxes
  • employee payroll taxes
  • sales tax evasion
  • state tax crimes

While not filing returns at all is common, the most common tax crime is filing a false return. If the IRS can provide a signed return that has false statements or an omission of income, they tend to get confident that they will win. But when an experienced tax crime lawyer looks closely at a criminal tax investigation, he or she can sometimes find aspects that can get the case thrown out of court entirely.

Our main tax crime lawyer, firm partner Robert McQuain, had one such case. He discovered that the IRS agent had committed a breach of confidentiality with our client's return. They committed a disclosure of return information, which is a direct violation of section 6103 of the IRS code. Mr. McQuain not only got our client freed from charges, he also turned around and sued the IRS, and got a judgment (Snider v. U.S.) that included large punitive damages, attorney's fees, and more.