Divorce & Family Law

If you are experiencing legal problems involving your family, up to and including divorce, you are probably under a great deal of stress. At such a difficult time, you not only need an attorney willing to take away your legal burdens; you also need an attorney who will help you get through this time as painlessly as possible.

The attorneys of the Law Offices of McQuain, DeHardt & Rosenbloom, P.C. understand how stressful divorce and family law matters can be. So we emphasize more amicable and collaborative divorce proceedings (using mediation or arbitration) over bitter litigation. And as in all our work, our Kansas City divorce lawyers have a commitment to close, attentive client service; one that has helped us establish strong personal ties with many clients.
Jay DeHardt, our lead divorce lawyer, is known throughout the legal community as one of the best domestic relations mediators in the Kansas City. He can personally help you with many aspects of divorce and family law, including:

  • divorce: mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • child support
  • child custody
  • alimony, spousal support
  • qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO)
  • asset division
  • modification of child support, child custody modifications
  • prenuptial agreements

Attorney DeHardt has more than 18 years of experience with a wide range of family law issues. He regularly handles divorce mediation, complex property division issues, and much more. In one recent case, he got his client more than $29,000 in child support payments.

Along with Mr. DeHardt, attorney Jimmy Rosenbloom is a tremendous asset to our family law practice. Mr. Rosenbloom is recognized as an authority in complex property division matters, often employed as an expert witness in matters of the division of pension plans, the valuation of retirement accounts, etc.