Do You Need To Establish A Value For Your Business?

Establishing a value of your business is not as simple as obtaining a value for a residential home, which can be as easy as making a call to a local realtor. For example, an owner will claim as many deductions and as little income as possible in order to reduce taxes. On the other hand, an owner who is trying to sell a business needs to show the highest possible income and asset levels in order to obtain top dollar from a buyer.

While each approach is acceptable, they are at odds with each other, making the valuation process complicated. Many additional variables come into play, creating a need for an experienced business valuation lawyer.

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Our lawyers have more than 40 years of experience counseling Kansas City metro entities about all issues of commercial and business law. We also prepare business tax returns and help owners resolve personal legal issues in order to minimize the impact on their businesses.

There are many reasons you may need to ascertain the value of your business, including:

When valuing your business, different legal and accounting tactics must be employed depending on your unique circumstances. Our focus and dedication to issues of business and tax law provide you with unparalleled skill and knowledge.

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