Tips For Avoiding Business Disputes And Litigation

The success of your business may depend less on your rainmaking abilities, your production speed and your business acumen than it does on your ability to resolve conflict. If you would rather spend more time building your business than watching your back, seek the advice of a law firm that focuses on your business needs.

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At The Law Offices of McQuain, DeHardt & Rosenbloom, P.C., our attorneys believe a strong offense is as important as a good defense. Preventing a dispute is far easier — and less expensive — than resolving one. Here are some of our top tips for avoiding potential disputes:

  • Get it in writing. Handshakes and oral agreements do not hold up in court as they used to. No matter what the other party says or how much you trust those you deal with on a daily basis, you will never regret putting the details of your agreements in writing with the help of our lawyers.
  • Pay your taxes. Don't forget the tax implications of every aspect of your business. The size and type of entity you own may dictate the frequency of your state and federal tax filings. For your convenience, we file business and personal tax returns.
  • Avoid litigation. Use litigation only if you have no other choice. Mediate, arbitrate, negotiate or settle every aspect of a dispute in order to avoid the expense of litigation. It may also be less costly to simply walk away. Our lawyers will thoroughly explain your options so you can make an informed decision, and we will guide you every step of the way.
  • Hire a lawyer. Let an experienced business dispute attorney help you avoid getting into hot water in the first place.

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