Attorney Referrals

Accepting attorney referrals in mediation, tax matters, family law, etc.

Since 1988, when Boland and McQuain combined with DeHardt and Block to form the current firm, the Law Offices of McQuain, DeHardt & Rosenbloom, P.C. has received a large portion of its business from attorney referrals. Our attorneys are unique among Kansas City law firms in their levels of experience and knowledge in tax issues, mediation and arbitration, family law, and more.

Tax Planning:

Firm partner Robert McQuain is one of a handful of Kansas City lawyers who own both a mastery of tax codes and extensive experience in defending people accused of tax crimes. He serves on the University of Missouri - Kansas City Tax Advisory Board and regularly is asked to speak at many seminars and programs on business and tax matters.

Mediation and Arbitration:

As more clients and lawyers understand the benefits of alternative dispute resolution over litigation, our lawyers have handled an ever-increasing number of disputes using mediation and arbitration. Jay DeHardt has gained a reputation as a leading Kansas City mediation attorney and also frequently appointed as a discovery commissioner.

Family Law:

Much of our referral business in family law concerns mediation and arbitration in divorce proceedings. Our attorneys are also sought after for their abilities in the area of asset division. Jimmy Rosenbloom is known for his work in the valuation of businesses and shareholder interests; valuations of retirement plans and profit sharing plans, etc.

We also accept referrals in the areas of business law and litigation, criminal defense, and more.